You are the designer of your destiny. You are the author. You write the story. The pen is in your hand and the outcome is whatever you choose.” Lisa Nicholls, CEO Motivating the Masses.

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Barbara Guest

Barbara is shine’s Behavioural Change Practitioner and works with any type of emotional issue that blocks people from feeling balanced, confident and happy.

How can Barbara help you?

In certain situations and at particular times in our lives we can all experience a sudden temporary lack of confidence but for some women it can be a more permanent state. This holds them back from seizing opportunities and living the life they deserve. I use a variety of techniques which identify the causes of emotional blocks and work with you to release these issues quickly and painlessly. When we let go of issues created in our past we feel energised, empowered and confident. My approach is down-to-earth, straightforward and non-judgemental and I use humour whenever possible. Call me for a confidential no obligation chat and let me help you make the changes that you want for yourself.

Following a successful business career, Barbara left corporate life and re-trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stress Manager, Emotional Freedom Techniques Advanced Practitioner and Trainer. Barbara is also a Past Life Regressionist, a Psychic and Channeller and writes and runs her own workshops. Passionate about helping people to free themselves of behaviour that isn’t working for them, Barbara has been in private practice since 1999 and worked for 3 years at a Refuge with women who had survived domestic abuse.

Barbara’s favorite things:

Song: ‘Rise’ by Gabrielle
Book: Jumping the Queue Mary Wesley
Celebrity Crush: Bill Nighy

For What’s Stopping You? Workshop. Breaking down my goals into segments & identifying the beliefs that have held me back was really useful; I have never really examined my beliefs before or fully understood how they were blocking me. This was a thoroughly enjoyable chunk of ‘me-time’, very valuable & fun & very thought provoking.


Driving Instructor

Barbara is an excellent teacher while creating a space for us each to focus on our individual goals. For me it was an opportunity to get clear about what I want and how I have been blocking myself from receiving. I enjoyed it immensely.



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