Barbara is an excellent teacher while creating a space for us each to focus on our individual goals. For me it was an opportunity to get clear about what I want and how I have been blocking myself from receiving. I enjoyed it immensely.



Let’s Look at what Barbara Can Offer

Barbara’s sessions include a combination of different methods dependent on each client’s needs and the aims of each session – fully explained and agreed before we start working together. Whether your primary issue relates to confidence, assertiveness, anxiety, fear, grief, blocks to feeling really good about yourself and your life or any other emotion-related obstacle, rest assured that you are in the hands of an experienced professional who will use proven and effective techniques to help you to release your specific blocks.

90 minute session: £80

Ditch your Past!

Disappointment, hurt, rejection, sadness, grief and so on are all part of life’s rich tapestry – they happen to all of us and can help us grow emotionally and become more resilient. But if you are carrying negative issues from past incidents and situations and have not moved on, they will be having an adverse impact on the person you are today. Negative energy affects our decision-making and the choices we make about all aspects of our life. Deciding to ‘ditch your past’ could be one of the most important and freeing choices you make for yourself.

Three sessions (each approx. 90 minutes): Total £240

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