Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” Oscar de la Renta

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Leighanne Krystal Mroczka

How can Leighanne help you?

Everybody wants to look their best all of the time but with the fast paced nature of modern life, people don’t always have the time and often, style falls down the priority pecking order.

Got a special occasion or attending an event? Maybe, as many of us do, you’ve had a change in lifestyle (weight, relationship etc…) and you don’t know where to begin to adapt. That’s where I come in. The rational and practical voice that is on your side.

Whether it’s editing your wardrobe to best represent where you are in your life now, helping you acquire those glam garments and accessories or being on hand at a photo shoot / runway fashion show, I’m your supporting style sister.

Leighanne’s achievements

  • Fashion and Beauty Awards Finalist 2016
  • The UK Fashion and Beauty Awards Finalist 2017
  • International publications: Elléments Magazine, Shuba Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Surreal Magazine
  • National publications: Creative Portrait Magazine, Féroce Magazine

Leighanne’s favorite things:

City: New York
Book: Act like a lady, think like a man – Steve Harvey
High Street Brand: River Island

I met Leighanne last year for a fundraiser she had organised at the Living Room in Manchester, in aid of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

First of all, she is creative, to the point, great eye for detail and knows how to make people feel good. She also has impeccable style and a real good eye for little quirky details that just turn it up a notch.

For me as a trans woman it was quite a daunting event as previous events have all been LGBT based. I should not have worried as Leighanne doesn’t treat anyone different and you all get the same smile and attitude – in a good way.

Since then Leighanne has styled me for various events, including my gown for the final pageant i competed in, I came second as Miss Transgender UK 2017.

Jaimie Peute

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