Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.Gwyneth Paltrow.

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How can Paul help you?

How we present ourselves is an important factor on how people react and engage with us. We choose who we are and how we would like the world to see us. Makeup can be our mask to hide behind, a personal creative expression or just a tool to make us feel and look better. Whether it is a day to day look, a party time persona or a professional / business style of makeup Paul can help you find a style which expresses you and how you feel.

Having a special occasion and want to look your absolute best? Makeup can help you achieve the confidence and self esteem to be the light in the room. Paul will design a bespoke look just for you and your event.

Paul trained, privately, with one of the makeup teachers from Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy in Manchester for 12 months before starting to paint faces professionally. Paul’s experience spans over five years and includes people of all ages and gender expression. He has had his artistry published in several national and international magazines.

His makeup kit consists of brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, NYX, Urban Decay and Illamasqua. Paul is also fully insured to practice.

Paul’s favorite things:

Makeup Brand: Urban Decay
Film: The Goonies
Food: Pizza

Makeup Application – Day Look: £35
Full face makeover to make you feel at your best for an everyday look.

Makeup Application – Glam: £38
Full face makeover, including lashes, to make you feel at your best for an evening glam look.

Makeup Application – Feminisation: £40
Specially designed for our transgender friends which includes lashes and beard area colour correction if required.

Photographic Makeup Application, including lashes plus two head shots: £70
When you come for your makeup we will include a mini professional photo session of head and shoulders so you have a keepsake of your look. Two high res images are included.

Makeup lesson, full face: £90
A two hour lesson covering the whole of the face. Paul makes up one side and you follow, under instruction, on the other side.

What will I learn?

  • One eye look of your choice including base, blending and shape
  • Your colours including skin tone
  • The difference between pigments, shimmers and matte eye products
  • The different types of foundation and primer
  • The best brush for the job
  • Colour correcting dark shadows and redness
  • Contouring
  • Best practice for applying foundation
  • How to apply lashes
  • How to create a beautiful lip shape
  • Highlighting
  • Correct use of blush
  • How to create the perfect brow shape.

After the lesson you will receive a step by step written guide of the look you have learned, colour charts, brush guide and a complete product list.

Makeup lesson, all about eyes and lips: £55
A 60 minute lesson covering all about eyes and lips, discovering which looks work for you. Paul makes up one side and you follow, under instruction, on the other side.

Makeup lesson, all about skin: £55
A 60 minute lesson covering colour correction, contouring, priming and foundation application. Paul makes up one side and you follow, under instruction, on the other side.

Sometimes, makeup lessons can run over the time allocated depending on the pupil’s previous experience. There are no extra fees for running over.

Makeover and studio photo shoot. Half day: £150
Paul Heaton is our professional makeup artist and photographer so you can be assured of beautiful quality images. You will be supplied with high res jpeg files. The photo shoot includes five high quality jpeg files. Extra images will cost £22 each to cover the editing and processing time.

From my perspective, I feel in the time since my day with Paul my life has changed for the better, I have developed a real motivation to improve the way I look through the techniques and advice Paul has given me, I feel more confident about embracing my feminine persona, I also feel for the first time that I am beautiful and not a mismatched ugly freak which has caused me much personal anguish, stress, shame and denial over the years.  Paul has been the impetus for this change.

Lisa Sweet

I met Paul with nervous anticipation, that went as soon as he opened the door and I was led to his studio, what a beautiful location. Paul very quickly discussed what I was looking for and started his craftsmanship explained what he was doing and why with the makeup he was so exacting, nothing was too much trouble. I was left to get dressed in my first of many changes. Paul advised with some of the clothes that would photograph well.

It was a beautiful day so relaxing I wore some of my new dress’s that was fun to see them in print. Paul is not only a gifted make up artist but a gifted photographer.


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