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Barbara is an excellent teacher while creating a space for us each to focus on our individual goals. For me it was an opportunity to get clear about what I want and how I have been blocking myself from receiving. I enjoyed it immensely.



Paul helps with my makeup for night’s out, and he is also training me in the use of makeup. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better. Paul is very professional in what he does and his expertise is second to none.

Melissa Orintas

As a therapist I was familiar with EFT and have used it with clients but could not do it for myself. In a short space of time I have cleared so much; Barbara’s direct approach helped me to get to the root of the problem. During our work together she has been both caring & supportive. EFT has had a profound effect on my life, I feel more in control, have more confidence & have moved on from the past.



I met Paul with nervous anticipation, that went as soon as he opened the door and I was led to his studio, what a beautiful location. Paul very quickly discussed what I was looking for and started his craftsmanship explained what he was doing and why with the makeup he was so exacting, nothing was too much trouble. I was left to get dressed in my first of many changes. Paul advised with some of the clothes that would photograph well.

It was a beautiful day so relaxing I wore some of my new dress’s that was fun to see them in print. Paul is not only a gifted make up artist but a gifted photographer.


Paul was a lovely guy and I really enjoyed meeting him. He was patient and encouraging, and the techniques he demonstrated were very easy to follow and emulate.  I wanted to achieve a look that was pretty and feminine without being too bold, as I spend far more time out with my kids nowadays than I do in bars and nightclubs.  The look Paul created was perfect for me, and I looked so much better than i’d ever thought possible.

Emma Casey

For Confidence Personified Workshop with Barbara “Very useful. Changed my attitude towards public speaking and my confidence. This workshop will make things a lot easier in the future – & it was fun.



I wanted to take a bit of time to tell you what a positive impact yesterday had on me. I loved the makeup and the photo shoot and the photos, but it also really set me up for the rest of the day with a good mood and self confidence. 

Mattie Davies

For What’s Stopping You? Workshop. Breaking down my goals into segments & identifying the beliefs that have held me back was really useful; I have never really examined my beliefs before or fully understood how they were blocking me. This was a thoroughly enjoyable chunk of ‘me-time’, very valuable & fun & very thought provoking.


Driving Instructor

I met Leighanne last year for a fundraiser she had organised at the Living Room in Manchester, in aid of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

First of all, she is creative, to the point, great eye for detail and knows how to make people feel good. She also has impeccable style and a real good eye for little quirky details that just turn it up a notch.

For me as a trans woman it was quite a daunting event as previous events have all been LGBT based. I should not have worried as Leighanne doesn’t treat anyone different and you all get the same smile and attitude – in a good way.

Since then Leighanne has styled me for various events, including my gown for the final pageant i competed in, I came second as Miss Transgender UK 2017.

Jaimie Peute

I booked for a Psychic Healing treatment with Barbara not quite knowing what to expect. I went along open-minded and it just blew me away. I actually felt things clearing during the treatment and felt really good afterwards, this feeling remained with me. I have recently had a second treatment, I did not expect to get such an intense shift the second time but I did. During both sessions a lot of healing took place. I felt very safe and secure and in the two sessions I feel I have taken a huge leap in my own healing with Barbara’s help.


Complementary Therapist

I have visited on several occasions for help with makeup and beauty. They give an excellent service. The makeup was modern and fresh and I felt like the look was designed just for me. Paul made me feel totally at home and relaxed. I left with my head held high ready to tackle anything the world could throw at me.

Abi Carr

From my perspective, I feel in the time since my day with Paul my life has changed for the better, I have developed a real motivation to improve the way I look through the techniques and advice Paul has given me, I feel more confident about embracing my feminine persona, I also feel for the first time that I am beautiful and not a mismatched ugly freak which has caused me much personal anguish, stress, shame and denial over the years.  Paul has been the impetus for this change.

Lisa Sweet

I had recently divorced my partner of twelve years. Fairly soon after I had met somebody new and this hadn’t worked out. My head was not in a good place and I was run down physically and mentally which was having an effect on my performance at work.

The results from working with Barbara were noticeable very quickly. I became happier in myself and got back my smile. Work is back on track and the people around me also noticed the change and commented about how different I was.

This was the second time I had worked with Barbara addressing challenges that others describe as some of the most stressful things an individual has to endure. On both occasions the results I have achieved by working with Barbara are transformational.


Managing Director

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