What makes shine different?

Barbara, Paul and Leighanne are experts in their respective fields of personal development, style and make-up and specialise in giving women the tools to empower themselves.  

We believe in the transformative power of each other’s work and the combination of our individual and collective services to make a tangible difference to your life. We have collaborated on other projects and are excited to come together under the shine branding to help women become the best they can be.

Shine offers

One-to-one appointments with Barbara, Paul and Leighanne

If you are unsure which option best suits your requirements, no-obligation and no-pressure advice is available to help you decide.

Whether Paul is showing a woman how to reveal her unique beauty, Barbara is helping a woman to identify and then release her emotional baggage or Leighanne is working with a woman to improve her wardrobe, we all thrive on client fulfilment and are massively motivated by seeing our clients confident and happy.

shine clients can choose to work with just one of shine’s team or access a bespoke combination. Paul, Barbara and Leaghann work closely together to deliver the optimal experience for each client within the shine family while maintaining client confidentiality.

“We know what it is like to want to make positive changes to our ways of seeing the world, the face that we show to others and how we present ourselves and because we have acquired the tools to make these changes we want to share them with the clients that come to us at shine. In the 21st century we believe that all women should be able to look and feel as beautiful, confident and empowered as they wish.” The shine team

Why not start shining today and drop us a line?

Remember: Every Woman Can shine and shine is for Every Woman.
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